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Want to know what's going on at your community? Hop on our resident-only website whenever and wherever you want!


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Renter's Insurance

Renter's Insurance is required for all Residents. It covers liability and your personal belongings in case something happens and is generally very affordable! You are welcome to obtain your renter's insurance through your own provider, but below is a link to our preferred vendor. Please remember to list the property name and "Busboom Management Group, LLC" as Additional Insured Parties.

Enroll for Renter's Insurance

Submit Proof of 3rd Party Insurance

Resident Parking Program

Register your vehicle for parking at The Landing at Centreport Apartments.


Visitor Parking Program

Make sure your guests register their vehicle when they come to visit.


Electricity Services

You'll need to have the electricity for your apartment transferred over to you. Use this service to sign up for it and any other utilities. 1-855-353-7736

Apply Online


Entertainment for your whole apartment - internet, phone and TV. Enjoy special student rates and pricing.

Only AT&T provides phone, internet, and cable services at The Landing at Centreport. Call 877-408-6560 to set up service or visit online.


Furniture Rental

In need of furniture for your new apartment? Tired of moving all of your stuff? Cort Furniture rentals has you covered! All types of furniture are available for rent and delivery to your apartment.

Cort Furniture Rental

Move Matcher

Save time and money on moving when you get free, instant moving company quotes from Move Matcher.

Move Matcher Quotes